More About Tantra

If you decide to take the Tantric route to sexual healing, you need to be careful about the therapist you choose to make sure that they are fully qualified and ethically boundaried.

The well known Tantra themed massages are designed to provide sexual stimulation.

But Tantric healing is a holistic therapy that can be used to overcome male sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, sexual naivete, sexual addiction, and so on.

Now you may think it strange, because we all have an image of Tantric sex involving prolonged sexual stimulation without orgasm.

But that is only one phase of Tantra. It’s certainly true that in Tantric sexual healing experience, there may be intimate connection between the therapist and the mail client in what the Tantric therapists would call “Lingam massage” (penile massage).

But it’s important to emphasize that this is simply about achieving better control of sexual energy, it’s not about sexual stimulation.

Indeed, orgasm is not actually the goal of this type of Tantric therapy. The aim is to massage the lingam to facilitate sexual healing, and to promote the movement of sexual energy through the body.

The first thing that is required therefore of a man who’s looking to sexual healing from this kind of therapy is to separate the idea of stimulation of the lingam for sexual healing from stimulation for sexual arousal for the sake of ejaculation and orgasm.

You have to shift your thinking to a place where you see sexual energy as something that is fluid and can move through the body.

This is a difficult concept to understand until you’ve actually experienced it. And where do you experience it? In a Tantric healing session. So this does require an element of trust!

Sure, this work requires an element of trust on the part of the therapist, but it also requires an element of trust on the part of the client!

That is to say, trust that Tantric healing can work for him. And trust that lingam massage does not represent something inherently sexual, but something directed to a greater goal. The goal of his sexual expression in its fullness and the healing of previously experienced sexual wounds.

Video Tantric Energy Flow

So a competent Tantric therapist who is really engaged in genuine sexual healing will use various techniques to free up repressed and blocked sexual energy and reroute it around the body so that it can flow freely.

As it does so, the client may experience a very clear sense of energy flow through the body and may even experience a a whole-body orgasm.

Tantric therapists claim that such experiences are only possible when the Chakras are free flowing and relaxed.

One of the aspects of Tantric therapy that a therapist would focus on is freeing emotion stuck in the body.

We all guard ourselves against painful feelings and experiences by what pioneering body therapist Alexander Lowen called “armoring”.

This is basically an area of muscular tension which allows the body to block the flow of emotional energy.

You might recognize this armoring as a heavy feeling.

Acupressure, which consists of applying pressure to certain points on the body can go a long way to releasing the stuck energy in the body. In Tantra, the expected result of breaking down these areas of armoring and allowing the free flow of energy in the body is good health and free expression of psychic energy.

Of course whether or not the client is able to open up to the healing energy of Tantra depends on whether or not they feel safe and trusting of the therapist.

Safety is something a competent therapist can quickly engage with in the client. Then, beyond that, the client has the responsibility to learn how to open up to his sexuality.

And indeed more: to open to his intimacy, to open his heart, to communicate what he wants and what is not wanted. And also: more subtle things such as learning to develop an awareness of your intuition and inner physical, emotional and spiritual processes.

And, at the highest level of Tantric, you may learn that it’s possible to connect with the universe and you may discover how to do just that. Then you know what it is like to connect with pure consciousness, the most elevated energy in our universe.

Many of the techniques that a Tantric therapist will use to engage a client in these process are not things we are familiar with in everyday life.

For example Tantric massage in itself is a new experience. But even simple things like deep breathing, talking and reflective listening which help to develop trust, are not things that we are accustomed to experience in everyday life.

And if the therapy is combined with body movement or chanting, it may stretch credibility further.

Yet these are not new techniques: they are ancient techniques, ways in which a man’s body (or a woman’s) is capable of opening up to pleasure.

It is in effect a form of reprogramming of the operating system of the body, particularly the sexual operating system.

The end result should be that you become the fully sensual and loving person that you were always meant to be.

Advanced therapists can combine ancient Tantric techniques with sacred sexuality, bodywork, modern sexuality and other techniques to produce not only orgasmic energy flowing through the body, but sexual healing, increased energy and, yes, greater stamina in bed.

Yes, that’s the final aspect of Tantric: when used correctly by a therapist who knows precisely what he or she is doing, Tantric healing can give you much greater control over ejaculation during sex if you wish to come during intercourse.