Ejaculation Problems

How To Control The Speed Of Ejaculation

Premature or delays in reaching yourejaculation can seem like a hopeless situation, without a solution… a natural one at least.

Medical solutions to delay ejaculation during sex are available, such as SSRI’s (Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil). Priligy is marketed in some countries as a way to delay ejaculation. SSRI’s do indeed help you to control your ejaculation. If that’s your only solution, you should go for it… but before you go the medical route, try the natural and mental methods of controlling your ejaculation first. Read all about ways to last longer here.

Delayed Ejaculation Solutions 

The stop-start technique

This can be an effective way of controlling ejaculation. The problem here is all about not lasting as long as you (or your partner) would like… and constantly stopping right at the heights of sexual excitement will  undoubtedly prevent your woman from orgasming, so there is a price to be paid for this technique.

Of course, your final objective is to learn how to last longer without stopping, so that you can give her an orgasm, and the amount of time of sexual intercourse is satisfying to both you and her. So try the stop-start technique, but keep these points in mind.

The squeeze technique

This is where you pull out and squeeze the head of your penis. This may buy you a little more time… if your body responds to it. But once again, you will stop the flow of action…

Kegels / PC Squeezes

Kegels, exercises where you strengthen the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, are oftentimes found in articles with tips on how to last longer in bed. However, it wasn’t until recently that science studied their effects in a controlled setting. A recent study published in Therapeutic Advances in Urology shows that men with severe and life long lack of ejaculation control who performed PC muscle squeezes on a daily basis for 12 weeks were able to last four times longer during sex than before the treatment.

So kegels work! In order to best target the PC muscle, place a hand on your abdominal and gluteal muscles, and make sure that they are staying relaxed while you perform the PC squeeze.

These neighboring muscles will move a little, that’s okay, but try and keep them as relaxed as possible so that you can best isolate the PC muscle. At first, you will only be able to tense the muscle slightly, but within the same session, you will experience a much stronger grip.

These exercises, once the PC muscle is well-strengthened, need to be done on a regular basis to continue reaping the benefits.

Mental Ejaculation Control Training

Try this experiment. When you have some privacy, peace and quiet… go to your room, lock the door, and begin to “stimulate” your penis. I say stimulate, and not masturbate, because the goal of this isn’t to become super aroused and ejaculate.

Get an erection, and continue to stroke your penis, but keep your mind empty, calm… a clean slate. Do not use porn, and do not let your mind wander into arousing thoughts. This is not a “horny” experiment. You will last SIGNIFICANTLY longer than you can during regular sex or while watching porn. This shows you how strong a role the mind plays in ejaculation. For more information on how to use these mental exercises to last long during sex, see here…

Move Attention Towards Her Clitoris

Oftentimes a man can last long enough to make a woman orgasm, but fails to do so because he’s just not penetrating her properly.  Regular, in-and-out thrusting, like in porn, will not get her off… you need to put pressure on the clitoris.

Warm her clitoris up orally or manually during foreplay, so that she’s almost reached orgasm, then penetrate. And while penetrating, rub hard against the clit with your pelvis… this will ensure she orgasms in less time… so if you can only last 4 or 5 minutes of non-stop penetration (which the vast majority of men worldwide last about this long or less), this should be good enough to get the job done.


Two studies, one Chinese, one Turkish, found that acupuncture, when the needles were placed in specific areas, helped men to delay ejaculation. Read much more about delayed ejaculation here. This book will show you techniques you may never have thought of which can control your ejaculation and help you become a much more skilful lover.

Video – YouTube video showing acupuncture treatment for premature ejaculation

While the effects were not as strong as SSRI’s, the men who had acupuncture lasted significantly longer than the placebo group.

Nowadays, many health insurances cover acupuncture, so you may want to consider visiting the acupuncturist for a little help in delaying your ejaculation!

Your Chi has probably just accumulated in your sexual center! Maybe clear the way, and the effects will be longer-lasting, requiring less visits! If Chinese medicine does indeed work, it’s worth a shot!

The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

Most methods of lasting longer during sex involve penetrating longer before ejaculating… but using an ancient Taoist technique, you can learn to stop ejaculation altogether, but still have orgasms. This is especially useful if you have delayed ejaculation. 

The male multiple orgasm technique allows you to have dry orgasms where you don’t lose your erection… allowing you to penetrate as long as you’d like without a “finish line”.

Ejaculation is what causes you to have a refractory period and lose your erection… eliminate the refractory period, and you keep a rock hard erection and libido for as long as you’d like.

Ayurvedic remedies