Use the Power Of Your Mind

One has to accept, I think, that a lot of sexual dysfunction is “all in the mind”.

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When things aren’t going well in bed, is it “all in the mind”?

Certainly all the evidence from sexual therapists suggest that sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation is caused in large part by emotional issues such as unconscious anger, resentment, guilt, shame or fear.

But most men with sexual dysfunction don’t feel the emotions which may be causing or contributing to the problem – these are, after all, in the “unconscious”.

So to get over sexual problems, an open-minded approach and a readiness to investigate emotional trauma from the past may be needed.

This can facilitate the healing of sexual dysfunction in men by looking at the emotional issues that may be playing a part in their origin.

Of course the same is absolutely true of women as well.

Problems like anorgasmia or low libido are very rarely related to physical issues. They’re much more likely to be psychodynamic, a word which means psychological in origin.

In other words, they relate to the emotional traumas and historical events which have impacted sexual enjoyment of a man or woman in the current time.

I think you know instantly if a psychodynamic approach is appropriate for you!

There will be many people reading this who say “no way am I going to delve into my emotional history to try and cure my premature ejaculation”!

A man with premature ejaculation might, for example, say things like: “I’ve got an oversensitive penis and that’s why I come so quickly.”

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Are sexual problems physical or emotional in origin?

A man with delayed ejaculation might claim that he has an undersensitive penis, which is why he can’t reach the level stimulation necessary for ejaculation (at least in his mind).

However there’s plenty of evidence from sexual therapists and medical doctors alike to show how emotional or psychological factors (if you prefer that word!) are always playing a part in causing sexual problems.

To this end, it behoves us all to be careful about drawing conclusions about why we are experiencing sexual dysfunction of one kind or another.

In fact, for many men with sexual dysfunction, the demonstration of the reality of emotional involvement is straightforward.

For example, men with premature ejaculation may be given SSRI antidepressants, like dapoxetine, to cure the problem.

If they have delayed ejaculation, they may be given testosterone injections. And if they have erectile dysfunction, they may be given testosterone injections and Viagra.

But for a percentage of all men in all of these categories, these medications will make no difference to the physical symptoms they’re experiencing.

If ever there were a demonstration of the fact that psychological issues come into play, this surely must be it!

So, you really need to consider whether or not some kind of psychological therapy or counseling might be the most appropriate way of addressing the problems that you have in satisfying a partner in bed.

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There are plenty of ways that you can try this. They include self hypnosis using programs which you buy on the Internet. Or you could try an MP3 recording which you download and play to yourself when you’re in a relaxed state of mind. Or you may want to see a therapist in person.

I think very few men wish to see a therapist in person because they find it highly embarrassing to admit that their sexual function is not completely normal.

This is quite understandable! Sexual function plays powerfully into the psyche and sexual self-confidence, not to mention the general self-esteem, of most men.

So downloading a self hypnosis type from the Internet can be a powerful way of finding a solution to problems which might otherwise seem intractable.

If you’re going to take this approach, my suggestion is that you download a self hypnosis program, but that you combine it with visualisation and manifestation programme.

Now let me explain what I mean by that – many of us have come to understand that the law of attraction in its popularly represented form means bringing about a change in your worldly reality through the power of your mind.

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Enjoy sexual pleasure – it’s your birthright.

And that is absolutely true: you can change your current reality by altering the state of mind in which you approach any situation.

For me, what this means is that you visualize in great detail the outcome that you would like to have in your life right now.

And you do this in a state of highly energetic emotion – such as gratitude, or positivity, joy perhaps or delight.

By doing this you can energize the process and find a way of encapsulating the essence of the situation you wish to create.

In this case, this would be normal sexual functioning, in a visual image which becomes a program for the subconscious mind.

This part of visualization is in effect rather like self hypnosis, although in actual fact, it’s a more direct and more powerful route into the subconscious than self hypnosis.

Now, you may be finding this difficult to believe, but I have witnessed some remarkable transformation on the part of several men who tried visualization programs for sexual dysfunction.

It all depends on whether or not you can actually believe that this is possible, with sufficient intensity and commitment to your goal of normal sectioning sexual functioning.

You need total belief, a high level of credibility, and commitment to actually practice the techniques regularly. If you have that, you will find you can bring about improvements in your sexual function very quickly.

I highly recommend treatment like this because it has  been demonstrated to work time after time. You can find more details about it in various websites on the Internet if you type “manifestation of great sexual performance” into a search engines.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line to ask about the possibilities you can use for bringing about change of one kind or another.

There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever why you need to live with delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

All it takes to overcome these issues is willpower, determination, and the desire to satisfy your woman sexually. If you have those qualities,  you may be able to bring about radical change very quickly. In fact, as I said above, things will change more quickly than you can possibly begin to imagine at the moment.

Enjoy sexual pleasure - it's your birthright.

Enjoy sexual pleasure – it’s your birthright.

And it’s worth mentioning also that this approach could well work for low libido or a low interest in sex as well.

That’s a very common problem, particularly among women.

It seems to spoil the sexual dynamic that goes on between the members of the couple in many cases.

So, to maintain a sexual life that is healthy and exciting, as well as truly functional, visualization comes highly recommended.

You may not find this approach mentioned very much on the Internet, because it’s quite radical and quite new, but there’s no proof like the proof of eating the pudding, as the saying has it – so give it a go!