Use the Power Of Your Mind

One has to accept, I think, that a large degree of the etiology of sexual dysfunction is in the mind. Certainly all the evidence from sexual therapists suggest that sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation is caused in large part by emotional issues such as unconscious anger, resentment, guilt, shame or fear.

Now the problem with this approach of course is that most men with sexual dysfunction don’t feel the emotions which may be causing or contributing to the problem – they are, after all, in the “unconscious”.

What this means in practice is that it takes an open-minded approach and a readiness to investigate emotional trauma from the past to facilitate the healing of sexual dysfunction in men by looking at emotional issues that may be playing a part in their origin.

Of course the same is absolutely true of women as well – for problems like anorgasmia or low libido are very rarely related to physical issues – they’re much more likely to be psychodynamic, a word which means psychological in origin, relating to the emotional traumas and historical events which have played into the sexual function or otherwise of an individual in the current time.

I think you know instantly if a psychodynamic approach is appropriate for you, because there will be many people reading this who say “no way am I going to delve into my emotional history to try and cure my premature ejaculation” – for example, they might defend this position by saying things like “I’ve got an oversensitive penis and that’s why come so quickly.”

A man with delayed ejaculation might claim that he has an undersensitive penis, which is why he can’t reach the level stimulation necessary for ejaculation (at least in his mind).

However the truth of the matter is rarely so simple, as I’ve already stated: there’s plenty of evidence from sexual therapists and medical doctors alike to demonstrate the possibility that psychodynamic or psychological factors (if you prefer that word!) are always playing a part in the etiology of these conditions.

To this end, it behoves us all to be careful about drawing conclusions about why we are experiencing sexual dysfunction of one kind or another – in fact, for many men with sexual dysfunction, the demonstration of the reality of emotional involvement is straightforward.

For example, men with premature ejaculation may be given SSRI antidepressants, like dapoxetine, to cure the problem, or if they have delayed ejaculation, they may be given testosterone injections, and if they have erectile dysfunction, they may be given testosterone injections and Viagra – but for a percentage of all men in all of these categories, these medications will make no difference to the physical symptoms they’re experiencing.

If ever there were a demonstration of the fact that psychological issues come into play, this surely must be it!

The end result of these considerations is this: at the end of the day you really need to consider whether or not some kind of psychological therapy or psychological approach might be the most appropriate way of dealing with or addressing the problems that you have in satisfying a partner in bed.

Video – satisfying a partner in bed

There are plenty of ways that you can try this, ranging from self hypnosis, using programs which you buy on the Internet, or download as an MP3 recording, to play to yourself when you’re in a relaxed state of mind, all the way through to seeing a therapist in person.

But what I know to be true about sexual dysfunction is that very few men wish to see a therapist in person because they find it highly embarrassing to admit that their sexual function is not completely normal.

This is quite understandable, because sexual function plays powerfully into the psyche and sexual self-confidence, not to mention the general self-esteem, of most men.

To this end therefore, downloading a self hypnosis type from the Internet can be a powerful way of finding a solution to problems which might otherwise seem intractable.

If you’re going to take this approach, my suggestion is that you download a self hypnosis program, but that you combine it with visualisation and manifestation programme.

Now let me explain what I mean by that – many of us have come to understand that the law of attraction in its popularly represented form means bringing about a change in your worldly reality through the power of your mind.

And that essentially is absolutely true: you can change your current reality by altering the state of mind in which you approach any situation.

For me, what this means is that you visualize in great detail the outcome that you would like to have in your life right now, and you do this in a state of highly energetic emotion – such as gratitude, or positivity, joy perhaps or delight.

By doing this you can energize the process and find a way of encapsulating the essence of the situation you wish to create – which in this case is normal sexual functioning, in a visual image which becomes a program for the subconscious mind.

This part of visualization is in effect rather like self hypnosis, although in actual fact, it’s a more direct and more powerful route into the subconscious than self hypnosis.

Now, you may be finding this difficult to believe, but I have witnessed some remarkable transformation on the part of several men who tried visualization programs for sexual dysfunction – it all depends on whether or not you can actually believe that this is possible, with sufficient intensity and commitment to your goal of normal sectioning sexual functioning.

Given total belief, and given a high level of credibility, together with the commitment to actually practice the techniques regularly, you’re going to find that you can actually bring about more change more quickly in your sexual function than you could possibly imagine at the moment.

I highly recommend treatment like this because it has  been demonstrated to work time after time. You can find more details about it in various websites on the Internet if you type “manifestation of great sexual performance” into a search engines.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line to ask about the possibilities you can use for bringing about change of one kind or another.

There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever why to live with delayed ejaculation or erectile dysfunction or indeed premature ejaculation. All that it takes to overcome these issues is the willpower, the determination, and the interest in satisfying your partner sexually. If you have those qualities,  you may be able to bring about radical change very quickly – in fact, as I said above, fare more quickly than you can possibly begin to imagine at the moment.

And it’s worth mentioning also that this approach could well work for low libido or a low interest in sex as well – that’s a very common problem, particularly amongst women, and it seems to spoil the sexual dynamic that goes on between the members of the couple in many cases. So, to maintain a sexual life that is healthy and exciting, as well as truly functional, visualization comes highly recommended.

You may not find this approach mentioned very much on the Internet, because it’s quite radical and quite new, but there’s no proof like the proof of eating the pudding, as the saying has it – so give it a go!

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Retarded Ejaculation Treatment Videos


Definition of DE


Porn and DE

How to control premature ejaculation

Have a look at this video on yeast infection no more for a start!

In recent years, scientific consensus seems to suggest that it would be beneficial to split the understanding of premature ejaculation into three categories. Such a distinction would lead to distinguish physiological-based premature ejaculation from acquired premature ejaculation.

Based on numerous research, scientists are convinced that inborn premature ejaculation refers to a condition that has been present since a man’s initial sexual encounter. Conversely, perception-based premature ejaculation is a term that scientists employ to distinguish premature ejaculation that has an onset later in life.

Interestingly, researchers have identified a third premature ejaculation type that they call “premature-like ejaculatory dysfunction”. The term applies to a condition in some men, who occasionally climax very early during sexual intercourse, but who are usually able to time their climax with other partners.

Distinguishing between these different types of premature ejaculation helps to pinpoint men who do in fact have a legitimate sexual dysfunction from others who really have healthy sexual function, but mistakenly perceive that their control in bed is subpar.

One of the driving forces behind this groundbreaking scheme is ostensibly the unsubstantiated opinion that the frequency of actual dysfunctional premature ejaculation, as opposed to premature-like ejaculatory dysfunction, which as we explained above is is basically just a man’s mistaken belief that he is not good in bed, is as low as 2 percent in the general male population. This seems highly unlikely.

Regular and long-term work with men as therapist and counselor in the field of relationships and sexuality has led me to the conclusion that premature ejaculation is a very real condition that affects at least half of the male population.

Inevitably, a basic need when you postulate that PE affects half the population and then addressing the problem decisively, is that of finding a satisfactory conventional definition. Medical researchers will always adhere to exact standards to identify a psychological or medical disorder. Retarded ejaculation is a common male sexual dysfunction and requires few or no stringent criteria to identify the condition accurately. After all, men who are delaying their ejaculatory responses are usually only too well aware of the fact through the absence of orgasm and ejaculation during intercourse. Read more here – if you wish to know more.

In the case of premature ejaculation, such stringent criteria are hard to come by. What, for example, would constitute an acceptable duration of intercourse? Each sexually involved couple have a distinctive conception of pleasurable sex.

Stating that some random time limit of, for instance, 3 minutes or any number below that before the male reaches climax would illustrate a case of premature ejaculation would appear baseless if the couple in question are quite happy with that aspect of their sexual relationship.

As it is, this how attempts to arrive at a feasible definition with a reference to noticeable personal dissatisfaction or to occurrences of relationship conflicts due to the male’s inability to persist longer during sex. However, such subjective definitions are also hopelessly skewed.

Discontent may be gestating in many parts of the relationship, and sexual interaction between the man and his female partner may become the focus of this conflict.

Moreover, it’s abundantly obvious that for partners where pleasurable foreplay induces female orgasm before intercourse commences, the impact of precipitate ejaculation and the dissatisfaction that it causes, is ostensibly much lesser than it is for a sexual partners who eschew foreplay and proceed to penetration much sooner.

How then are we to realistically evaluate this condition from a reasonably scientific point of view and treat it effectively? How can a therapist intelligently differentiate between one who sees and thinks his sexual ability to be poor when by reasonable measurement it is actually average, and a man who genuinely is unable to prolong his ejaculation and requires remedial therapy?

In my opinion, the solution most likely revolves around a studious identification and evaluation of the symptoms. Sexual tension on its own is not an adequate indicator of the need for intervention. Nonetheless, if the couple are very dissatisfied with the male partner’s sexual incontinence, it may be beneficial to put forward some kind of information or instruction about erotic enhancements, male and female bedroom mindsets or fantasies, and effective stimulation methods that can get the female partner to achieve orgasm.

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Delayed Ejaculation

An important point that needs some emphasis is that orgasm or the perception of reaching a climax during sexual intercourse is a cerebral occurrence – it’s something that takes place in your brain, notwithstanding the perceived physical sensations that are also experienced.

When men and their partners attempt to grind deeper into the idea of delayed ejaculation, the tendency is to erroneously equate these 2 different occurrences with each other. Contrary to popular notions, orgasm and ejaculation are 2 thoroughly separate functions!

Ejaculation, on the other hand, is a purely physical reaction that is triggered by repetitive stimulation to the penis and other pleasure points such as the nipples and the base of the scrotum. Much research is still needed to find where orgasmic pleasure happens within the brain, but we do know a significant lot about the synaptic pathways through which the reflex response of ejaculation is induced.

For those who are interested, one theory is that when sexual arousal reaches a certain point, the emission of ejaculatory fluids near the farthest point of the the urethra builds up the pressure at the base of the penis, and this consequently results in a whole set of reflex reactions including flexing of the pubococcygeal muscle.

Ejaculation is governed by the autonomic nervous system, while gradually heightening erotic pleasure during sex is controlled by the voluntary nervous mechanism.

Delayed ejaculation has been a familiar concept to the medical profession for years now, and the terms commonly used to refer to this condition probably mirrors in a very real sense, the medical profession’s evolving attitude to the condition: ejaculatory incompetence, ejaculatory over-control, retarded ejaculation, and finally delayed ejaculation.

Personally, I’m inclined to believe that these changing names illustrate a gradually increasing level of sympathy for the men whose sex lives are somehow impaired by their unique ejaculation patterns during sex.

As you may know, most of these men are able to climax regularly from masturbation. This unusual reaction has given rise to the belief that there might be many relationship issues associated with the inability to achieve orgasm and ejaculate in the course of engaging in sex. However, one must be a little bit cautious about seeking an explanation in the relationship between a man and his partner.

It’s naturally probable that a man’s apparent inability to ejaculate even when a partner performs fellatio on him, during actual sex involving genital penetration, or through direct manual stimulation by a partner merely represents the fact that none of these arrangements provide a heightened degree of stimulation that an individual may have learned to perform on his own organ whilst pleasuring himself.

It’s obvious that the body can be conditioned to get used to some unique levels of stimulation, so it’s inherently logical to initially find out whether or not the delayed ejaculation condition is simply because of the fact that the man is able to apply hard, rough, or high-frequency pressure during self pleasuring, in a manner that is not simulated in the course of actual sex with a partner.

There’s ample basis to assume that if such is the crux of the anomaly, the remedy will lie in reconditioning the body, the sex organ and the brain, to react to a slightly different form of pleasuring of the kind that can result to a climax in the course of sexual intercourse.

In many instances, counsellors and sex therapists more often than not, adopt the position that the internal dynamics is the real cause of delayed ejaculation.

To be fair, there’s enough ground for this line of thinking. In my years of working as a therapist, I’ve come across sex partners who have become increasingly hostile to each other and have diminished intimacy to such a degree that the man no longer finds enjoyment in intercourse, and secretly disdains the routine, whilst simultaneously finding himself powerless to reach out to his spouse or partner in a way that might open a way to the resolution of these difficulties.

And even if there isn’t resentment, antagonism, or any other negative feelings on the part of the male towards the woman, there is, as some studies show, a particular type of individual who is often a natural sufferer of delayed ejaculation.

According to the latest research publications, this personality profile is most certainly a man who is somehow disconnected to his own preferences to induce sexual arousal, who is often unable to realize just how aroused he is during sexual intercourse, who often considers sex with his partner as a duty that he needs to do as a routine, who considers his partner’s gratification during sexual intercourse as a basic obligation, and who is convinced that the woman’s pleasure must come before anything else and is the the most important part of sex. These personalities generally, whether expressed or not, see themselves as the “workhorse of sex”, labouring away (pointlessly at times) to steer the sexual intercourse to a successful conclusion.

An important observation in this arrangement is that many of the partners of men with this condition are often unmotivated in the matter of sex, and have an expectation that it’s the male who is obligated to bring them sexual pleasure. In fact, they are without a doubt responsible for their own orgasm. In such cases, it’s absolutely valuable to help and provide tips to a couple and make available some useful sexual information. This way, their ideas and attitudes on the subject of sex and sexual gratification can be steered closer to reality.

The single recurring trait of males who fall into this personality profile is that they generally lack solid grasp of their personal level of arousal. Often there seems to be a certain gap, or a veritable vacuum, in the sexual maturity, so that they have come to associate their own process of sexual arousal with the external dynamics of engaging in intercourse with another person.

To put these observations in a workable perspective, their own erotic world normally doesn’t function as a watershed of sexual arousal and gratification: they are marooned in a frustrating cloud of sexual confusion where they are attempting to engage in sex without all the requisite emotional and physiological tools that are necessary for the sex act to be an enjoyable and mutually satisfying experience.


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Women, Men, Sex and Retarded Ejaculation!

So – all you women out there who have to deal with a man delayed ejaculation will know what a pain in the ass that can be.

Of course he’s not doing it deliberately! And it’s not like the guy’s actually fucking you for two hours without coming because he’s got a good reason to do so.

In fact he’s probably as frustrated about it is you are — and I strongly suspect his cock just as red and sore as your pussy. However, that’s not really the point, is it? I mean the question is “what the hell is going on here?” And as to the answer … well, everyone you speak to will make a different suggestion about that.

Causes Of Delayed Ejaculation

Talk to the medical profession and this is what they will tell you: retarded ejaculation is due to some drugs the guy’s taking, or maybe he’s got an insensitive penis, or maybe he’s got a slow ejaculatory reflex.

I tell you something, the only one of those explanations I buy into is the one about the medication he’s taking. The other two are a complete load of bollocks.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever to support those two theories of why a guy thrusts endlessly without ejaculating. (There is plenty of evidence that medication can cause a problem with retarded ejaculation: if you’ve ever been with a man on antidepressants, you might see what a wonderful lover he is … unless of course is ejaculatory reflex is so suppressed that he can’t come at all … in which case he’s not such a good lover, more of a pain in the butt. )

Now if you’ve got a man who’s experiencing delayed ejaculation, and you don’t like the concept of lovemaking that goes on for a couple of hours (don’t laugh, because some women do — they’re the ones who say that they can reach orgasm several times during intercourse because their man behaves like a stallion and can thrust for hours at a time!) then what are you going to do about it?

The first thing is you can do is start talking to each other about this problem. Most people who have delayed ejaculation — and I mean by that, both partners in a couple, since it’s a shared thing – don’t ever talk to each other about what is going on.

Perhaps that’s symptomatic of a deeper problem in the relationship, so ask yourself this — how well do you communicate with your partner? Have you talked openly and honestly about this problem? And before you blame your man for difficulties with delayed ejaculation, I’d just like you to know that in general it takes 2 to tango and it takes 2 to have a conversation.

Oh, so you’re still telling me that he’s unwilling to talk about it but you’d be very happy to? In which case you might want to consider being a bit more direct and firm about what you have to say. For example, if you want a child, then you’ve got to consider whether or not you are going to get one with this man or whether it might be necessary to cut your losses and start a new relationship somewhere else.

If you love the guy, and children aren’t an issue, and you want to stay with him, then you can make it sound like you are angry and put a boundary in place. After all, he’s not listened to you so far, and let me guess, this has gone on for — oh, how many years? 5, 10, more? — so you’ve got to do something about this, haven’t you?

Couples counseling

Now supposing he absolutely, adamantly, totally refuses to engage in a conversation about his retarded ejaculation, then you are going to have to play your hand and tell him exactly how you feel about the situation.

But bear in mind if you start doing that in a judgmental way, he’s going to react with a complete blank.

So what you have to do to establish communication on the subject by owning your feelings, and make clear demands of him. So the way that goes is: “(1) I am very unhappy because our sex life is not satisfying to me. (2) I feel … (3) What I want from you is …”

So you see now you’re going to have to do a little bit of planning – because if he’s going to get over his delayed ejaculation, and you’re going to get over your delayed ejaculation, you have to know exactly what it is you want from him.

I’m assuming that what you want from him is sex that lasts for a reasonable length of time — like 5 or 10 minutes — and ends with him ejaculating inside you? And by the way, I want to make it clear that I think that’s perfectly reasonable … that’s how sex is meant to be.

When sex is like that, it reaffirms the man as a powerful male, and it reaffirms the woman as  a powerful woman. It makes him feel masculine, and it makes her feel feminine; it makes him feel powerful, it makes her feel beautiful and attractive and sexy.

That’s how it’s meant to be — not struggling for hours before giving up in frustration and then not talking about it.

Now I might sound like I’m being a bit facetious about this, and, the truth is, I suppose I am in many ways. But believe me, I’ve worked with a lot of men with delayed ejaculation and I think sometimes the only thing you could possibly do to maintain your sanity in the face of what happens in some relationships is to laugh about it all. Of course, while knowing that in actual fact it’s no laughing matter!

I’m thinking now of the sentence I wrote above: “I’m very unhappy because our sex life is not satisfying to me and what I want from you is … ” How about – “to come with me to couples counselling.”

Let’s face it, there’s only one way you can resolve this issue – by turning up the heat. Now if the heat happens to be under a pressure cooker, there is a danger attached to what you’re doing; but surely that has to be more satisfying than letting things drag on the way they are at the moment?

And take it from me, they probably will drag on, because my experience is that most men never start trying to deal with delayed ejaculation until a woman forces the issue. This could go on for years…. and there’s no point feeling powerless and victimized.

The truth is, he’s probably feeling enough of that already himself, because the one thing that is almost certain is that he has absolutely no idea of what is happening and why.

No matter how aroused he  may be before sex starts, the problem becomes clear to him quite quickly during intercourse: he’s not going to reach the point of ejaculation & orgasm any time soon.

And since that’s happened to me once or twice in my life, I can tell you it’s a horrible feeling: it’s certainly very destructive of anyone’s sense of masculinity, and it won’t make him feel like a good lover, will it?

I wonder if you’ve actually considered how your man feels, or for that matter if he’s considered how you feel, in this situation? My suspicion is probably not, because most of the couples that I meet with delayed ejaculation just simply don’t do this.

At last – some suggestions!

So I have some practical suggestions for you, and I hope you’ll take them up. The first one is the one I’ve already made – which is to go and see the couple’s counselor, persuading your husband, boyfriend or partner to go along with you.

If he’s going on his own, by the way, then you definitely need to go with him; there might, however, be some point in you going alone if he really will not go along, because a professional counselor can give you a different perspective on delayed ejaculation, your relationship, and what’s happening between the two of you.

The second suggestion I have is to ask him to see a doctor and have a full medical checkup, in particular around any issues with hormonal deficiencies and medication that he’s taking.

It’s possible, but unlikely, that one of the reasons he can’t ejaculate is because he doesn’t have enough testosterone in his system to allow him to get sexually aroused.

Third, I’d suggest that if he’s using porn, he stops, although how on earth you can persuade him to do that I’m not sure. W

What I would say to you is that if your mate is using porn then you have some really good reasons to demand that he stops. For one thing, I think porn is extremely demeaning of women, another is that it’s particularly demeaning of you — after all, you’re the woman he’s in a relationship with, not some bimbo on the Internet with her butt stuck up in the air and some horrible guy using her for his own pleasure.

Furthermore, porn is often part of the problem, as you might or might not know: many men who use porn have conditioned themselves only to respond to such a high level of erotic stimulation that they can’t reach orgasm during a normal relationship.

The same might be true, just possibly, if he’s been using heavy duty fantasy whilst he masturbates. The point being, as I’m sure you can understand, that the stimulus provided by porn and hard-core fantasy is a lot more arousing, a lot more intense at least, than a real relationship is. (Take it from me, he’s a man, so both of these things are very likely true.)

Which brings me to another interesting point: if he’s being more intimate with somebody on the Internet than he is with you (and I’m not talking about cybersex, I’m talking about some porn star – or hundreds of them), then I’m wondering what’s going on between you that there’s so little intimacy in your relationship.

Are you in a situation where things are not going well between you anyway, regardless of the delayed ejaculation? If so, then you might want to consider couples counseling in any event, just to work out whether or not this something that might improve things within the relationship… or perhaps even bring it to an end, if that’s what is right for you both at this time in your lives.

No, it can’t be over!

If, however, there is love between you, that’s great! You have a firm basis from which to start, i.e. start working on a new relationship, I mean.

After all, you can start again, this time with a new relationship, one in which your man is willing to look at delayed ejaculation as an issue for you both, a relationship in which you are both willing to contemplate the possibility of doing things (including sex) differently.

Finally, I would like to ask you to consider whether or not there is a slight possibility, an-ever-so-slight possibility, that delayed ejaculation is actually helpful to you in some way.

Before you get outraged and call the idea ridiculous, just consider the possibility that delayed ejaculation is disguising some sexual problem of your own — anorgasmia, maybe, or low sex drive (i.e delayed ejaculation is serving as an excuse not to have intercourse).

Be honest with yourself here and ask yourself: “Could there possibly be any benefit whatsoever for you in having delayed ejaculation in the relationship with the man you’re sharing your life with?”

If you’re wondering about treatment for delayed ejaculation, then I’d like to reassure you, that it’s often successful, and often much easier than you think.

It does depend on good communication between the partners, and it does also depend on an absolute willingness and clear intention to solve the problem on the part of the man.

If there is NO such an intention then obviously it’s more difficult to bring about a cure, because motivation is half the problem – and half the solution.

Assuming that he is motivated, and you are motivated, ti cure delayed ejaculation then one of the first steps in solving the problem will be to take the pressure off him during intercourse — and when you ask what pressure that is, my response is this: the pressure that he’s feeling to initiate sex, lead sex, satisfy you, and generally be the workhorse of sex for you both, regardless of his own pleasure.

What? No, please, no surprises…. truth is, one thing that women often don’t know about delayed ejaculation is that the man concerned is doing is to try and satisfy everybody except himself.

I often find that they are “driven” people, with a poor sense of their own needs and little concept of their right to sexual pleasure.

That’s particularly true around intercourse, so a certain amount of education and information is probably going to be necessary before he can change his attitude and beliefs about sex … back to the counselor, I guess.

On the other hand, of course, it’s entirely possible that he’s so fed up with his role in sex — that is to say, the role that he has given himself — that he would like to experience a really  masculine role in sex. So maybe he is willing, ready and able to bring about some changes.  You could always ask him!

If you’d like to know more about delayed ejaculation, you can find information on this website.

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An Effective Treatment For Retarded Ejaculation That Actually Works!

Welcome to this website. Presumably you’re here because you have difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating during sex, and perhaps even during masturbation. As you may know, this condition is called retarded ejaculation.

Happily, getting over this problem is a lot simpler than you think! I know this is true because I’ve helped hundreds of men to cure their ejaculatory problems during the time I’ve been working as a sex therapist. The key to curing retarded ejaculation is using the right treatment approach: if you want to get this solution immediately, without reading any more of this post, simply click on the link in the right hand coulmn.

So let me introduce myself – Rod Phillips. Good to have you here, and thank you for reading about how I can help you. Here are the facts.

Having trouble ejaculating during sex – or not being able to come at all – is also known as “delayed ejaculation”: this means exactly the same as “retarded ejaculation”. I know just how much of a problem this can be, and from my work with men over the last twelve years, I also know how much trouble it causes.

My understanding developed rapidly, with one of my first clients, a man of 39 who told me soon after we met that he’d never ejaculated during sexual intercourse, no matter how long it went on for.  I pictured him struggling with sex from age 19 to age 39: a whole twenty years of not being able to ejaculate inside a woman, not enjoying sex, and not feeling very satisfied with his sexuality. Worst of all, he was unable to establish a long term relationship. This made me determined to find a solution. I went on to develop a treatment system for my clients which has subsequently sold hundreds of copies on the internet and appears to have a 96% success rate, judging by the feedback I get.

So, one way or another, over the last twelve years I have worked with hundreds of men who haven’t been able to climax normally during sex. And I want to tell you clearly and directly, right now, that I believe the vast majority of men who have difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating during sexual intercourse can be cured with the right treatment.

In fact, I can honestly say, based on my own experiences, that no matter how desperate you might be right now, no matter how bad you’re feeling about not being able to “release” naturally during intercourse, and no matter how this may be affecting your relationship, the treatment program for delayed ejaculation available on this website offers you probably the greatest chance of getting over this issue that you’ll find without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to a sex therapist for one-to-one treatment. Please just think about that for a moment.

It’s often said that the resolution of delayed ejaculation is a complicated matter. That’s only true up to a point; in my experience, although there are many possible causes of retarded ejaculation, it’s usually much simpler than you might think to cure, because in each man, there’s usually a fairly specific cause.

This might be harsh masturbation as a teenager, which has conditioned a man’s penis only to respond to intense stimulation, which you simply don’t get during oral sex or intercourse. Or it might simply be that a man isn’t sufficiently aroused to reach the point of ejaculation when he makes love. This may be because he’s not getting the right kind of sexual stimulation, or enough of it, or because he just doesn’t know his own level of sexual arousal. Then again, perhaps his partner doesn’t know how to stimulate him, or perhaps he doesn’t really want to be having sex with his partner.

So, at least in some cases, treatment will depend on certain changes taking place in a man’s relationship. In my experience, it’s rare that a relationship breaks down because of retarded ejaculation, even when the root cause of the man’s difficulty in reaching climax is explored: usually two people in a relationship end up with much more open and honest communication and a better relationship.

However, you do need to be clear about the possibility that there could be changes to the “status quo” in your life, because delayed ejaculation is often the external symptom of some pretty intense feelings — which might include anger, sexual shame, sexual guilt, resentment or conflict. The good news is that you’d be amazed how often these feelings melt away when they’re exposed to the light and discussed openly.

In most cases, delayed ejaculation treatment is relatively easy, using a simple program of exercises which are designed to increase a man’s sexual arousal and give him the impetus that he needs to much more easily reach the point of ejaculation during sexual activity… If this seems slightly puzzling or difficult to understand right now, don’t worry! Everything will become clear when you read the treatment method. I believe it will work for you as it has for hundreds of other men. Check it out here:

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Simple, Quick and Effective Solutions For Ejaculation Problems

I’m Alex, and I used to have trouble ejaculating during sex. Phew! I’ve admitted it…..Well, what am I doing here? Simply this: I’ve been asked by Rod Phillips, who is my sex therapist, if I would share my experiences of the treatment that cured my own retarded ejaculation. I’m happy to do that. (If you want to email me, my email is

There isn’t a lot of information on the Internet about delayed ejaculation. I think that’s partly why I was well into my adult years before I actually managed to find a cure. In fact, I was 39 before I ejaculated during sexual intercourse with a woman. Maybe, if I’d seen a therapist or a doctor sooner, I could’ve enjoyed many more years of intercourse, but I’m not looking back with regret. I’m now 44, and I’m having best sex I’ve ever had. I’m told that the average duration of intercourse from penetration to ejaculation is about 3 minutes, so I’m happy to say that I can actually go on for about 5 or 10 minutes depending on how aroused I am.

How difficult was it to find a treatment? Well, the power of the Internet is remarkable, and a man who is now a good friend of mine, Rod Phillips, a sexual therapist with over 12 years’ experience in treating male sexual dysfunction, was the first therapist to put information online about delayed ejaculation, and I’ve never looked back since I discovered it.

His treatment works by ensuring you’re properly aroused before and during sex. What I’d never realised was that when I started to have sex with a woman, I usually wasn’t very aroused, and I wasn’t very much into the experience. Indeed, I was much more in my own head, relying on my fantasy to keep me going. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to make me ejaculate.

Not being able to come easily can be the product of a variety of reasons, including resentment, issues around sex, difficulties between you and your partner, even a low sex drive… They’re all explained by Rod in his excellent 50 page eBook which forms the basis of his treatment program.

You’ll be glad to know that although quite a few pages are devoted to the various reasons why delayed ejaculation can happen, you don’t necessarily need to know all that stuff before you start working on the answer for yourself. Having said that, I thought it was very interesting to read all the ins and outs of why it happens. What struck me in particular was his explanation of how some men can be totally dependent on fantasy to become sexually aroused – I think that was me! And the problem is, fantasies alone are not really enough to sustain your erection and arousal during intercourse as you get older. You have to be aroused in your body…..

Anyway, the treatment program consists of a whole series of exercises which are fun to do, don’t require much effort – although they do require a certain level of commitment – and they are great for establishing real intimacy and connection between you and your partner (again, this is one of the things that’s often lacking in a couple where the man is unable to ejaculate). Rod describes the treatment in great detail; it starts with relaxation and sensual touching exercises, and carries on all the way through to mutual masturbation, oral sex and intercourse, giving you simple techniques for mutually satisfying sex with a powerful, pleasurable ejaculation a few minutes after penetration.

I particularly like the way he emphasizes that sex is about your pleasure and you don’t have to feel responsible for your partner’s satisfaction – again, that was always a big deal for me: feeling responsible for my partner’s orgasm. (I’m so over that now!)

So there we are, a treatment for retarded ejaculation which actually works. (Rod Phillips claims that it works for 96% of the men who undertake it.) It has a money back guarantee so it’s risk-free for you. As you probably realise by now, I’m a real fan of the program, which is hardly surprising when you consider that it actually allowed me to express my true masculine sexuality and gave me massive sexual self-confidence again. Check it out by following the link you can see at the top right hand column of this page.

Best of luck, Alex.

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