Simple, Quick and Effective Solutions For Ejaculation Problems

I’m Alex, and I used to have trouble ejaculating during sex.

Phew! I’ve admitted it…..Well, what am I doing here?

Simply this: I’ve been asked by Rod Phillips, who is my sex therapist, if I would share my experiences of the treatment that cured my own retarded ejaculation. I’m happy to do that. (If you want to email me, my email is

There isn’t a lot of information on the Internet about delayed ejaculation. I think that’s partly why I was well into my adult years before I actually managed to find a cure.

In fact, I was 39 before I ejaculated during sexual intercourse with a woman.

Maybe, if I’d seen a therapist or a doctor sooner, I could’ve enjoyed many more years of intercourse, but I’m not looking back with regret. I’m now 44, and I’m having best sex I’ve ever had.

I’m told that the average duration of intercourse from penetration to ejaculation is about 3 minutes, so I’m happy to say that I can actually go on for about 5 or 10 minutes depending on how aroused I am.

How difficult was it to find a treatment? Well, the power of the Internet is remarkable, and a man who is now a good friend of mine, Rod Phillips, a sexual therapist with over 12 years’ experience in treating male sexual dysfunction, was the first therapist to put information online about delayed ejaculation, and I’ve never looked back since I discovered it.

His treatment works by ensuring you’re properly aroused before and during sex.

What I’d never realised was that when I started to have sex with a woman, I usually wasn’t very aroused, and I wasn’t very much into the experience.

Indeed, I was much more in my own head, relying on my fantasy to keep me going. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to make me ejaculate.

Not being able to come easily can be the product of a variety of reasons, including resentment, issues around sex, difficulties between you and your partner, even a low sex drive… They’re all explained by Rod in his excellent 50 page eBook which forms the basis of his treatment program.

Great sex takes mutual effort and respect.

Great sex takes effort and mutual consideration.

You’ll be glad to know that although quite a few pages are devoted to the various reasons why delayed ejaculation can happen, you don’t necessarily need to know all that stuff before you start working on the answer for yourself.

Having said that, I thought it was very interesting to read all the ins and outs of why it happens.

What struck me in particular was his explanation of how some men can be totally dependent on fantasy to become sexually aroused – I think that was me!

And the problem is, fantasies alone are not really enough to sustain your erection and arousal during intercourse as you get older. You have to be aroused in your body…..

Anyway, the treatment program consists of a whole series of exercises. They are fun to do, don’t require much effort – although they do require a certain level of commitment – and they are great for establishing real intimacy and connection between you and your partner (again, this is one of the things that’s often lacking in a couple where the man is unable to ejaculate).

Rod describes the treatment in great detail; it starts with relaxation and sensual touching exercises, and carries on all the way through to mutual masturbation, oral sex and intercourse, giving you simple techniques for mutually satisfying sex with a powerful, pleasurable ejaculation a few minutes after penetration.

I particularly like the way he emphasizes that sex is about your pleasure and you don’t have to feel responsible for your partner’s satisfaction – again, that was always a big deal for me: feeling responsible for my partner’s orgasm. (I’m so over that now!)

So there we are, a treatment for retarded ejaculation which actually works. (Rod Phillips claims that it works for 96% of the men who undertake it.) It has a money back guarantee so it’s risk-free for you.

As you probably realise by now, I’m a real fan of the program, which is hardly surprising when you consider that it actually allowed me to express my true masculine sexuality and gave me massive sexual self-confidence again. Check it out by following the link you can see at the top right hand column of this page.

Best of luck, Alex.

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