Retarded Ejaculation Treatment

An Effective Treatment For Retarded Ejaculation That Actually Works!

Presumably you’re here because you have difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating during sex, and perhaps even during masturbation.

As you may know, this condition is called retarded ejaculation.

Happily, getting over this problem is a lot simpler than you think! 

I know this is true because I’ve helped hundreds of men to cure their ejaculatory problems during the time I’ve been working as a sex therapist.

So let me introduce myself – Rod Phillips. Good to have you here, and thank you for reading about how I can help you. Here are the facts.

Having trouble ejaculating during sex – or not being able to come at all – is also known as “delayed ejaculation”: this means exactly the same as “retarded ejaculation”.

I know just how much of a problem this can be, and from my work with men over the last twelve years, I also know how much trouble it causes.

My understanding developed rapidly, with one of my first clients, a man of 39 who told me soon after we met that he’d never ejaculated during sexual intercourse, no matter how long it went on for. 

 I pictured him struggling with sex from age 19 to age 39: a whole twenty years of not being able to ejaculate inside a woman, not enjoying sex, and not feeling very satisfied with his sexuality.

Worst of all, he was unable to establish a long term relationship.

This made me determined to find a solution. I went on to develop a treatment system for my clients which has subsequently sold hundreds of copies on the internet and appears to have a 96% success rate, judging by the feedback I get.

So, one way or another, over the last twelve years I have worked with hundreds of men who haven’t been able to climax normally during sex.

And I want to tell you clearly and directly, right now, that I believe the vast majority of men who have difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating during sexual intercourse can be cured with the right treatment.

Couple making love

Normal sex awaits you!

In fact, I can honestly say, I know you may be desperate right now, and feeling bad about not being able to “release” naturally during intercourse.

But no matter how this may be affecting your relationship, the treatment program for delayed ejaculation available on this website offers you probably the greatest chance of getting over this issue that you’ll find.

(Unless you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to a sex therapist for one-to-one treatment. Please just think about that for a moment.)

It’s often said that the resolution of delayed ejaculation is a complicated matter.

That’s only true up to a point. In my experience, although there are many possible causes of retarded ejaculation, it’s usually much simpler than you might think to cure, because in each man, there’s usually a fairly specific cause.

This might be harsh masturbation as a teenager, which has conditioned a man’s penis only to respond to intense stimulation. That’s stimulation you simply don’t get during oral sex or intercourse.

Or it might simply be that a man isn’t sufficiently aroused to reach the point of ejaculation when he makes love. 

This may be because he’s not getting the right kind of sexual stimulation, or enough of it, or because he just doesn’t know his own level of sexual arousal.

Then again, perhaps his partner doesn’t know how to stimulate him, or perhaps he doesn’t really want to be having sex with his partner.

So, at least in some cases, treatment will depend on certain changes taking place in a man’s relationship.

In my experience, it’s rare that a relationship breaks down because of retarded ejaculation, even when the root cause of the man’s difficulty in reaching climax is explored.

Usually two people in a relationship end up with much more open and honest communication and a better relationship.

However, you do need to be clear about the possibility that there could be changes to the “status quo” in your life.

That’s because delayed ejaculation is often the external symptom of some pretty intense feelings — which might include anger, sexual shame, sexual guilt, resentment or conflict.

The good news is that you’d be amazed how often these feelings melt away when they’re exposed to the light and discussed openly.

In most cases, delayed ejaculation treatment is relatively easy, using a simple program of exercises which are designed to increase a man’s sexual arousal and give him the impetus that he needs to much more easily reach the point of ejaculation during sexual activity…

If this seems slightly puzzling or difficult to understand right now, don’t worry! Everything will become clear when you read the treatment method. I believe it will work for you as it has for hundreds of other men. Check it out here:

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